Intel And General Electric Announce Partnership For Home Health Market

In an move to address the growing needs of in-home health care and monitoring, IntelHealthGuideFrontLeftAngleUpIntel and General Electric (GE) recently announced that they are forming an alliance to market and develop home-based health technologies that will help seniors live independently and patients with chronic conditions manage their care from the comfort of their home or whenever they choose.  The partnership will invest more than $250 million over the next five years for the research and product development of various home-based technologies.  The companies are planning to bring together world-class industry and academic experts to research independent living technologies.

GE Healthcare will sell and market the Intel® Health Guide, a care management tool designed for healthcare professionals who manage patients with chronic conditions. With the dramatic increase of people with chronic conditions and an aging population there is a need to extend care from the hospital to the home. The market for telehealth and home health monitoring is predicted to grow from $3 billion in 2009 to an estimated $7.7 billion by 2012 according to the information released.

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