United Nations Population Data Highlights Global Scope of Senior Housing

unlogo While the focus of Senior Housing News primarily covers the US market, some of the more interesting opportunities and challenges for senior housing lie outside the borders of North America.  The United Nations released its updated World Population Prospects for 2008 which states that the global population of persons aged 60 or over is expected almost to triple, increasing from 739 million in 2009 to 2 billion by 2050.  Already 65 per cent of the world’s older persons live in the less developed regions and by 2050, 79 per cent will do so. The population of 60 and older is increasing at the fastest pace ever (growing at 1.9 per cent annually) for less developed countries and the growth rate will surpass 3% per year with the more developed countries.  After reading the report and the figures, the need for affordable and environmentally friendly senior housing will be necessary for not only seniors in the United States but through out the world.

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