Top 10 Cities For Single Seniors

A few weeks back, we ran a story on how a California study showed that single seniors were worse off than those with spouses, California Seniors Struggle To Make Ends Meet. US News and World Report put out an article entitled, Top 10 Places for Swinging Single Seniors To Retire, that lists the following 10 cities:

• Columbus, Ga.
• Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
• Memphis, Tenn.
• Milford, Conn.
• Providence, R.I.
• Quincy, Mass.
• Reno, Nev.
• Santa Fe, N.M.
• Santa Rosa, Calif.
• Towson, Md.

Besides Fort Lauderdale (Spring Break Seniors?), Reno, Nevada might be the only other logical place on the list. No matter what your preference is, the cost of living in each of these areas is significantly lower than the major metropolitan markets.