HECM Reverse Mortgage Production Data For January 2009

Ever wonder who is doing a lot of reverse mortgages and where? The data presented here is provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and represents reverse mortgages that are insured by HUD during the month of January 2009. HUD releases this data each month and we’ll provide the summary data and if you’re looking for more, we know people who can get you prettier reports or follow the link below and you can mine the data yourself. For those of that don’t know who Senior Lending Network, they are the ones that have Robert Wagner on late night TV.

Top 10 Cities/Regions

Miami 545
Los Angles 446
New York 361
Richmond 323
Baltimore 316
Chicago 315
Philadelphia 297
Phoenix 292
Portland 284
Tampa 273

Top 10 Lenders

Wells Fargo 1,809
Bank of America 626
Financial Freedom 593
Senior Lending Network 203
Generation Mortgage 168
Met Life Bank, NA 165
One Reverse Mortgage, LLC 163
Money House Inc 145
Urban Financial Group 100
M & T Bank 72

For the raw data, click here.