Alaska Housing Finance Corp. Awards $46 Million In Grants and Tax Credits

The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) announced recently that communities across the state will benefit from more than $70 million of combined new housing construction and renovation of existing housing designated for seniors, low-income families and persons with disabilities. The corporation this year is contributing more than $5.5 million in corporate receipts to increase the number of affordable and senior housing units in Alaska.


Gov. Sarah Palin recognized the team effort among government agencies, developers, non-profit organizations, and local housing agencies to provide safe housing for those most in need of assistance. “A number of folks are contributing to see that Alaska’s elderly, disabled, and the less fortunate have an affordable place to call home. This is a good example of Alaskans helping fellow Alaskans.”


For the full press release and information on each of the projects that were awarded, click here.