Images and Pictures That Move Senior Housing Inventory

Image is everything…..even more today than it has been in the past. Many developers and communities are trying to create marketing and advertising material that provides consumers confidence and clarity to support making decisions to move into their facilities such as the Sunrise Senior Housing Financing Options Guide. Creating Results, a generational marketing firm, recently released the results of a proprietary survey showing what type of photographic images are most effective when advertising to the mature consumer. Creating Results, founded in 1993, has worked with many age-qualified housing projects throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas of the United States.


“Our experience in the CCRC advertising arena has shown that seniors want to see themselves in the pictures and visualize their experiences. One of the challenges is that CCRCs provide such a broad experience of services and amenities that we’ve found that showing independence and vitality make effective broad messages for this type of product,” said Todd Harff, President of Creative Results.


In the survey, researchers contacted 414 Americans over 40 years old, and revealed, among other findings, that Single Image ads are significantly more effective than multi-image Collage style pieces (66% to 34%). The survey provides insights as to what types of images are more likely to get consumers to respond to the marketing and advertising message.

“In the current economic environment, it is essential that the images presented convey a relevant message for the type of product that a senior is considering choosing,” Harff told Senior Housing News.


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