Top 10 Cities For Retirees Looking For Work

US News and World Report ran an article listing their best cities for retirees to find work. As retirement plans have been altered with the economic challenges Americans faced in 2008 and in 2009, may retirees are considering or needing to find work to supplement retirement income and make up for losses in their retirement portfolios. The analysis looked at employment growth, the unemployment rate, housing costs, the cost of living, and proximity to high-quality healthcare. The report looked at the prevalence of jobs in industries that have higher concentrations of older workers such as health care, higher education and government jobs.


Looking at the list of cities listed in the report, they are concentrated on small cities or towns that have large universities in the near vicinity such as Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Ithaca, New York, and Charlottesville, Virginia. None of the cities listed in the report are not in the hardest hit real estate areas like Florida, California, Arizona or Nevada……for the full list of cities in the report, click here.