RFID Project Moves Beyond Tracking Seniors At Assisted Living Facilities

The RFID Journal recently ran a feature story outlining a research project conducted by the University of South Florida to study the movements of residents but utilizing this data to look for clues at whether those being tracked are exhibiting signs of early stages of dementia.


While RFID(radio frequency identification) tags are routinely used to track packages for major corporations like Wal-mart, these tags are being utilize more and more to monitor seniors within a confined living space by attaching these minimally intrusive tags on bracelets or common items that residents carry with them at all times. The study goes further besides tracking and is analyzing the data to with a computer program that scans patterns in a person’s movements over time within the facility determining whether a senior is beginning to wander from their normal course of activities. While the article is geared more towards RFID professionals, it is a fascinating study that the researchers are trying to patent. For the full story, click here.