Work Force Housing Needed for Senior Housing Project Staffing

A problem that has plagued the Colorado Ski Country for many years is becoming a factor when developers are planning new senior communities in all parts of the country.  Many times, developers are required to provide a portion of their new construction to the local residents of Ski Areas at cost or a discounted rate to make housing available for the local work force.  These requirements are starting to become common place in affluent areas where developers are beginning the planning phases for various retirement living projects.  Many times developers are submitting low-income housing such as apartments or section 8 type of housing in the local areas to provide these communities with a stable base of workers that are active in the community.  Not only do we need to worry about the affordability for our seniors but also for the work force the provides the service portion of the senior housing business.  For more information on affordable housing for senior housing workers in Connecticut, click here