Retirement Community: Eyesore, Discrimination or Just Grumpy Neighbors?

Albuquerque, New Mexico residents are angered over the proposed development of a 4 story retirement home that is proposed to be built by 2012.  The 267-unit, $512 million retirement community is planned to be built on land owned by a local church.  Local residents  "say the place will look like a massive, four-story prison, invading their open space and killing their views".  From the tone of the article and the quotes from the residents, it sounds that while they’re concerned about their views being obstructed, they’re worried about having a prison of seniors and having those seniors out amongst the neighborhood.  The developer, La Vida Llena, states that views won’t be affected by the slope of the building.  The real question is, if the developer redesigned the building to be flatter and more expansive, would the community change its mind?

For more information on the obstruction of views in New Mexico, click here.

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