Senate Committee Discusses Respecting End of Life Choices of Aging Americans

A few weeks ago, the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) CEO testified before the Senate Special Committee on Aging.  The hearing called Honoring Final Wishes: How to Respect Americans’ Choices at the End of Life discussed the importance of respecting end-of-life choices by again Americans and discussed the deference to a senior’s decisions about where and how to live and die are principle foundations of professionally managed logo_homeassisted living companies.  Citing advances in pharmacology and supportive services, Mr. Rick Grimes, CEO, stated that most seniors wish to age in place and have an average life span of 84 years.

ALFA collaborated last year with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Association to develop a hospice tool kit. This tool kits guides assisted living staff in helping residents with terminal conditions and their families to make informed choices and select appropriate treatment options.

“The goal is to ensure a high quality of life for residents even as they near the end of life,’’ testified Grimes. “Our members work in partnership with hospice providers throughout the nation to make certain that our terminal residents die a comfortable, dignified and natural death surrounded by those who care.’’


Read the full testimony from Mr. Grimes