Technology Helps Improve Mind Muscles and Delay Mental Deterioration in Seniors

uWink, an entertainment and hospitality software company, has partnered with InSite Development, a leading developer of senior housing communities, have launched a revolutionary interactive game and entertainment facility at InSite’s Arbor Court, a ground-breaking senior housing community in Lancaster, California. This onsite amenity is an unprecedented effort to stave off the ravages of old age, including the early onset of Alzheimer’s, memory loss related to strokes and other mentally debilitating diseases, so that Arbor Court tenants can remain independent and active.


Dubbed “E-COURT” (Experimental Center for Organized Recreation and Therapy), the facility features 100+ touch screen terminals running uWink’s unique multi-player digital entertainment technology. Scientist have proven that certain computer games actually increase cognitive functions in seniors and have found that new brain cells and new pathways can be developed throughout life (Source: Journal of Neurology, Nov. 2006).


While other companies have created computer games for individuals, the uWink platform is the first to allow seniors to compete head-to-head playing a suite of senior-adapted digital games, including Bingo, uWink Scene Investigation (a riff on the popular CSI television series) and Picture Perfect (a “find the differences” game). Game launching and scoring are fully automated through the uWink software allowing for easy game play at any time. In addition, large wall projections, also powered by uWink technology, display the games as well as real-time leader-boards providing a fun and engaging environment for participants.

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