Luxury Senior Housing Projects Targeting Metropolitan Denver

Two senior housing projects are looking to cater to the luxury market for seniors on the Front Range in Denver, Colorado. The goal is to provide a high-end, low maintenance lifestyle with nearby assistance if they need it. The two projects, the Stratford at FlatIrons in Broomfield, CO, and the Balfour Cosmopolitan Club in downtown Denver, expect to open in May 2009 and 2011 respectively. The Balfour project plan is to be in the heart of downtown Denver with access to dining, shopping and sports/cultural events with a total of 298 units. The project seems to be very similar to the Claire located in downtown Chicago on a number of fronts, including the use of the refundable entry fee and monthly charges for services. The Stratford is the first time Sunrise Senior Living has built an independent living facility from the ground up. The facility will model itself more as a hotel rather than a true assisted living facility. While these facilities aren’t the first luxury projects in Denver, they represent some of the latest luxury trends in national senior housing projects that cater to upper & middle class retirees.

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