Ann Arbor, Michigan: Retirement Nirvana?

AARP’s magazine recently reviewed 50 cities in America and named Ann Arbor the healthiest city for seniors. In choosing the country’s healthiest cities, AARP evaluated more than 20 measures of vitality, including not only the physical aspects of a community, such as clean air and water, but also the health and habits of people who live there as well as access to health care. The city’s access to the University of Michigan for both education and medical resources were strong contributing factors in naming Ann Arbor one of the best places. With Michigan being one of the hardest hit states in the current economic downturn, one might think that this choice might be a little outside the box. Doesn’t AARP know how cold it is in Michigan come December, January and February?

AARP’s description of Ann Arbor

Population: 113,206.


Median housing price: $312,000.

Average number of sunny days: 178 per year.

Healthy bragging rights: 86 percent of residents get regular exercise; 580 physicians per 100,000 people, compared with U.S. average of 223.


Where the action is: Kerrytown, a downtown neighborhood with shops, coffeehouses, and galleries.

Healthy ties: Zingerman’s Delicatessen is famous for its all-natural fare.

Totally unexpected: An efficient and affordable bus system for a town of this size.