Homes Getting Make Over for Seniors Aging in Place

Last week the Wall Street Journal published a short article entitled “Designing for the Senior Surge” that discussed bathrooms, appliances and other items in the home being redesigned for seniors as they age in their homes. The article addresses three main areas: vision impairment, motor skills and memory loss. The concept of again in place is beginning to trigger renovations that will allow the baby boomer generation to live in their home longer and in greater comfort. Memory loss (think oven burners, coffee pots, overflowing sinks) and motor skills (bending over to cabinets, ovens, handle placements) are two of the areas considered when redesigning kitchens for seniors to make their lives easier.


The one that got the best chuckle from us (Vision Impairment) was the Kohler toilet that included a night light and a powered toilet seat that was controlled by a button and a remote control. All that technology aside, it will still be hard for men to aim straight and put the seat down regardless of their age.


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