More State Oversight for Assisted Living Centers?

California’s elected officials are getting involved in supporting greater oversight of assisted living facilities in the state of California while the “Governator” is looking to cut back to fix the state’s budget deficit . The state estimates that about 150,000 people live in the state’s 7,000 long-term residences for elderly or disabled. These facilities offer some assistance but fall outside the scope of full-time care. The elected officials identified in the article have joined a group calling for increased regulation of these types of facilities in California. At the same time, Governer Schwarzenegger is proposing to reduce the number of inspections of facilities as he tries to trim the state’s budget deficit.


The article goes on to note that the number of Californians 65 years and older projected to climb to 12.5 million by 2040 and placing a burden on the state’s senior care facilities and programs. Additionally, the article quotes one of the assemblywomen as stating that California’s cost of assisted living is nearly twice the national average. Someone please let her know that this is a reflection of the real estate values in California and adjustments for the high cost of real estate in the state is reflected in many federal programs such as the Federal Housing Administration’s lending programs. Someone ought to inform the assemblywoman that the cost of living is higher in California as well compared to national averages. Arnold better start doing more commercials for people to move to California so he’ll have more tax dollars to throw at the aging population of California.


Additionally, The Iowa Senate voted Monday to give the state more regulatory authority over assisted living homes and adult day care centers. Iowa’s current law does not allow the Department of Inspection and Appeals to investigate the facilities the way the department investigates traditional nursing homes. The change will place more burden on those centers but are currently among the fastest grow senior care facilities in the state of Iowa.

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