Should You Prepare To Wait In Line For Senior Housing?

Remember the days of getting wait listed to attend the university that you were dying to get into? Flash forward 60 years into your future and you’ll come to realize that you’re back on the waiting list…except this time it’s for Senior Housing. With waiting times growing longer for affordable, independent living and assisted living spaces, seniors may have to look for alternative means of living spaces which may include leaving the areas in which they want to live and having to relocate. Does it sound appealing to have to apply two years in advance to get into an affordable, senior community?


There is a shortage of affordable senior living apartments across America, particularly in urban areas. The dislocation of seniors due to the costs of living in these areas will be problematic for major cities. Until city, state and federal government agencies realize that the lack of affordable senior housing is a systemic problem, the wait lists will continue to grow and force seniors to make poor housing decisions.


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