Arizona Ghost Ranch Ready to Transform Into Senior Apartments

Are Arizona ghost towns & myths prevalent in today’s society? The answer is yes for a senior housing developer in the Tuscon, Arizona area. The Pima County board is supporting a developer’s proposal for the rehabilitation of the Ghost Ranch Lodge at the Miracle Mile landmark. The old resort is in a dilapidated area of the town and has declined in over the years from disrepair and neglect. The famous lodge was known for its landscape architecture and grand beauty and in order to convert the property, the project would require a combination of private and public funding through the developer, state, federal funds.


GRL Apartments LP, a subsidiary of Atlantic Development and Investments of Hartfold, Conn., is proposing senior apartments at the lodge, designed by Tucson architect Josias Joesler. This project may be the natural evolution for seniors getting ready to haunt their families and friends in the afterlife.

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