Orange County Senior Housing Needs Increasing

Southern California is starting to get concerned about the exodus of seniors leaving the area for cheaper areas and is starting to do something about it. As pressure increases to keep seniors in Orange County, municipalities are looking at solutions to keep seniors in the area by re-examining some zoning policies that have age restrictions. The Village of Monroe is proposing a “floating zone” that would over lay exists zoning requirements and lower the age restrictions for senior housing designations from 60 to 55 along with making changes to building heights and density.


These changes would apply to projects that are classified as affordable housing, assisted living or market / subsidized apartments for seniors in the area. Many senior residents in the area complain about the rising property taxes associated with living in the area. If seniors are looking to down size in the OC, they probably have made out fairly well if they’ve lived in their homes for a long time (unless they got a sub-prime mortgage). Maybe there should be a television show called the “Real Seniors of the Orange County” on Lifetime or the History Channel?


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