Senior Communities Assist Seniors in Selling Their Homes

As seniors start looking to move into different types of senior housing, the disposition of their current residence can be difficult to manage and obtain the highest possible price. As the housing market decline continues, some senior communities are enlisting consultants to work with seniors that are looking to buy in these communities. A fallout of the current housing slump is that it’s keeping older persons from selling their homes to pay for the movement to a retirement community. Many seniors that have lived in their homes for many years have outdated decorating and finishes that are in the home making the appearances of the home dated and tired.


In order to continue to fill the projects, developers are offering value added services to help stage the home, provide financing alternatives and some are even providing the option to buy the senior’s home in order to move them in quicker. Some realtors may offer to do this but builders and developers are offering to assist with staging, repainting and updating some senior homes to facilitate the sale of the properties sooner. Many of these options are available once a senior has signed a contract to move to the project but the sales commissions for the purchase and sale are normal charges and sometimes a consulting fee may be charged to facilitate the sale. Nothing, as is the case of assistance to sell a senior’s home, is ever free.