Colorado Senior Housing Project Gets Help from Wal-mart

For those of you tree huggers out there, Wal-mart has donated over 2,200 Compact Florescent Light-bulbs (CFLs) to outfit 200 senior housing units in Englewood, Colorado. The CFL bulbs last up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs and a quarter of the energy. The donation of the bulbs was in conjunction with Wal-mart’s “Sustainability 360” effort and the presentation and announcement of the CFL program was made in Englewood with the City of Englewood and the Englewood Housing Authority last month.


It’s appropriate that Colorado is a leader in “green” Senior Housing but as the housing crisis further deepens, will the need and / or desire to remain environmentally continue to out-weight the increased up-front expenditures? What will the environmental impact be from the senior housing developments around the world? For more information on the donation, click here.