Chicago Senior Housing Project Gains Political Attention with Obama and Rezko

Part of the recent news and commentary about Barack Obama’s relationship with real estate financier Tony Resko has to do with a senior housing apartment complex down on the south side of Chicago.  Part of the controversy surrounding the Obama / Resko affair has to do with letters of support that Obama wrote in support of the 97 unit apartment complex for low-income seniors. 


As a state senator in 1998, Obama wrote two letters to city and state officials to support a Rezko/Davis senior housing project in his district that received more than $14 million in taxpayer money and netted $885,000 in fees for the two developers.


At the end of the day, the concern is about Obama’s relationship with Resko.  However, the senior apartments are a necessary improvement in that Chicago neighborhood. Would Obama be under the spotlight if he didn’t support the project, regardless of his relationship with Resko?  If he didn’t support something like senior housing, Mr. Obama would probably not be a politician nor in the place he is in today running for the President of the United States.  In that case his lack of support may be a larger lightining rod than his relationship with Rezko.

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