California Senior Housing Project Nears Completion

Affordable housing in California continues to be a hot topic, especially when it comes to senior housing for low income seniors.  A 75 unit apartment complex called the Sahara Senior Villas is nearing completion in Hemet, California.  This project will be the area’s first affordable, low-income housing for seniors in the area with rents ranging from $150-200 per month. 

The project is being built with $9 million in federal funding, $3.7 million from local, community development resources and the city’s housing authority put up $400,000 to improve the streets and areas surrounding the project.  Habibi Terrace, the developer, think that construction on the second phase of the project that consists of another 65 apartment units will begin construction soon.

For more information on the Hemet City Senior Housing Project, visit this link.


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