Faith Based Senior Housing Trends Grow

As Seniors get older, one of the most prevalent social groups that are important as part of a community is the church and religious affiliations that are part of senior’s lives.  A white paper was recently released that describes how many churches are doing to prepare for the wave of seniors that are retiring and how those congregations are starting to develop senior housing strategies to meet the needs of their senior community.  A large aging services provider, Ecumen, release this paper in January and can be found at

Some of the topics that Ecumen recommends considering are: 

  • What are the demographics of the area?
  • What does the amount of retirees look like in 5-10 years?
  • What types of senior communities currently exist in the area?
  • How can you make sure your community stands out?
  • Are there enough health care workers in the area?
  • Will the senior community integrate well with the surrounding neighborhood?

These types of topics not only help religious affiliated communities establish senior housing but provide a number of good questions for any developer of senior housing.