Nintendo Wii strikes a chord with Seniors

It’s not directly related to senior housing but the Nintendo Wii is popping up in senior centers, assisted living facilities, and senior homes as an activity which promotes motion and interactivity amongst seniors. 

“When Wii came along, we knew it was easy enough for anyone to play, but we were surprised with how quickly the community of retirees and active seniors took to it,” wrote Anka Dolecki, Nintendo of America’s director of public relations, in an e-mail to the Globe. “The phenomenon developed on its own and has been growing since.”

Dolecki said seniors are as much a part of Nintendo’s outreach now as any other group. “Nintendo had a booth at AARP’s Life@50+ expos in both 2006 and 2007,” Dolecki said. “People often ask us how many seniors are playing Wii or what the statistics are. Considering that prior to Wii, the number of console-playing seniors was about zero, I’ll say it’s an infinite jump.”


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