High End Adult Day Care Facilities make the grade?

Yesterday I highlighted the “Cadillac” of Adult Day Care Facilities that seemed to have all the bells and whistles and the price tag to along with it.  I thought I would highlight a few others around the country that have made the news lately.

Beacon Hill Village helps persons age 50 and older who live on Beacon Hill and in its adjacent neighborhoods enjoy safer, healthier and more independent lives in their own homes–well connected to a familiar and attentive community.”  They have social and cultural events, seminars and classes, along with health and wellness programs.  Their offered services include home repairs, errands, cleaning, transportation to appointments or the airport, and an extensive Concierge Service.

While not on the scale of The Ivey, the membership can still be cost prohibitive at $580 per person and $850 per household, which is why they have a “moderate means” alternative.


MatherLIfeWays is another leap in senior adult day centers.  They’ve “spent more than 60 years learning about how to make the adventure of aging better…[they] enhance the lives of older adults by creating Ways to Age Well.”

Since 1941 they have been “dedicated to providing a continuum of living and care; making neighborhoods better places for older adults to live, work, learn, contribute, and play; and identifying, implementing, and sharing progressive practices for wellness, workforce issues, memory care support, and empowering caregivers.”

They do have residences and their Institute on Aging, but their Cafes are the hub of their adult day center.  While not quite on the same level as Beacon Hill and The Ivey in regards to health and wellness services, Mathers Cafes have a large calendar of events and classes and their cafes become a social center for seniors in the area.