Vegas Seniors Get Unique Housing Solution from the Federal Government

The housing situtation in Las Vegas has been the story of boom and bust over the last few years and the affodability of living in Las Vegas has become a challenge for those wanting not only to live there, but work there.  The concept was acquiring land from the Bureau of Land Management at a significant discount and passing a large portion of those savings on to Seniors who want to live in the area.   The 103 units in the Harmon Pines Senior Apartments complex will blend in with the other homes nearby – beige stucco, red-tiled roofs, clusters of palm trees.

Harmon Pines is the first project to take advantage of a unique provision in the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act. Passed in 1998, the law expanded wilderness areas and allowed the BLM to offload nearly 50,000 acres in and around Las Vegas. But it also contained a little-noticed clause known as 7(b), which allows the BLM to sell discounted land to local governments for low-income housing. Now, that provision is poised to take off, with at least one other project in the works and the possibility that it could become a model for other Western cities.

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