California Unveils $840 Million Long Term Care Facility for Inmates

A near $900 million project designated to provide long-term care to prisoners in California will begin operating shortly following a dedication this week, local reports confirm. 

The 1.2 million-square-foot California Health Care Facility, located outside of Stockton, California, spans 200 acres and will provide long term care services such as medical and mental health care to 1,700 state inmates. 

The plans included diagnostic and treatment centers, as well as protections including a 13-foot electrified fence and 24-hour patrol, and will add thousands of jobs to the local and state economy. 

The project is the result of a state mandate that required health care issues among inmates to be addressed by this year. It has been the topic of controversy statewide, according to a report by the Associated Press that outlines support as well as opposition to the level of care provided to inmates.  

Written by Elizabeth Ecker 

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  1. dwiltsee2013 says

    For those of you residing somewhere other than the formerly great State of California, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Bottom line, honest, hard working, tax paying suckers (myself included) who put up with the upside down world of California government, can only dream about the free access to LTC, mental health, physical health, dental, optical, recreational facillities and services enjoyed by the freeloading thugs in State prisons. One wonders why the homeless don't just commit a few criminal offenses, get caught, and spend a few years in relative luxury, courtesy of us middle class saps.

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