Obama Ad Attacks Romney for Potential Cuts to Medicaid, Nursing Homes

If Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is successful in his bid for the White House, the nation’s seniors might get kicked out of their nursing homes, suggests a new ad by the Obama Administration which highlights Romney’s record on Medicaid cuts during his tenure as governor of Massachusetts.

Romney’s budget plan cuts Medicaid by one third, according to the 30-second ad, by transforming it into a block grant program.

For many families a nursing home is the “only choice” for their loved one’s care, the ad says, while Medicaid is the “only way” to afford that care. The cuts would “burden families with the cost of nursing home care,” a narrator intones, but President Obama “won’t let that happen.”

“By giving states greater flexibility and the incentive to provide coverage more efficiently, Governor Romney will ensure that low-income Americans receive the care they need while also bringing federal spending back under control,” said a spokesperson for the Romney campaign in response to the ad.

In another recent campaign ad, the Democratic party ties comments Romney has previously made about voters to his plans to change the Medicare program:

“Victims. Dependent. That’s what Mitt Romney called forty-seven percent of Americans. Including people on Medicare,” the ad says. “But what about his plan for you? Romney would replace guaranteed benefits with a voucher system. Seniors could pay six thousand dollars more a year. A plan AARP says would undermine Medicare. You’re no victim…you earned your benefits. Don’t let Mitt Romney take them away.”

Written by Alyssa Gerace

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  1. Glen Haddock says

    You are treading on dangerous ground by reporting hearsay from political ads. Remember the $5 billion Obama said in the debate that the Republicans were going to take for something else. IT WAS NEVER SAID BY REPUBLICANS !! It was purely Democratic Party propaganda. Please stay on the facts and not report political hearsay. PLEASE !!

  2. says

    If something is not done to Medicaid seniors will get nothing to pay for nursing homes. Right now a millionaire has ways to get on Medicaid, is that right when we are paying for it. An example is a person has $800 a month, the government gives them $50 a month for spending and guess who foots the rest of the $6000 charge per month? We do, they give the government $750 and we pay the other $5200. How do you like those beans taxpayers. It is disgusting. Something must be done now or those that really need medicaid won't get it.

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